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Website Design
Our websites are built for performance. We use simple, clean, and modern designs that are aesthetically pleasing, which puts the customers’ image expectations first. FUSION Marketing utilizes the latest in programming techniques to keep your site relevant in a fast changing world.

Mobile Site Design
Over half of your potential customers will be accessing your site on a mobile device. Mobile sites need to be fast loading and compatible with various screen sizes from phones to tablets, and various web browsers. We use responsive design and our websites automatically adapt to any given screen sizen.

Content Management Systems
Content management systems allow you, the website owner, to modify much more than the content of your site with little to no web design knowledge or skills. We use the industry standard Wordpress CMS, but we can also create a completely customized solution specific to your business’s needs.

We strongly believe the global eCommerce revolution is just getting started. All of our eCommerce sites use industry standard shopping cart solutions that make your site scalable and compatible with the leading check out and credit card processing procedures.

Integrated Online Marketing
An online marketing campaign should be part of a well thought out strategy, which integrates your online activities with your traditional marketing. Fusion Marketing helps companies integrate business, customer and marketing strategies into a complete plan, which helps implement that plan through annual contracts.

Site Content Creation
Easily the most difficult and time consuming part of the initial design process, but also a critical part of the necessary upkeep of any website; content creation is an ongoing process and part of an ongoing struggle to stay up to date, and to stay relevant. We write your content so you can focus on your business.

Maintenance Contracts
We have met with so many business owners who say they are going to maintain their sites themselves, and the reality is they never do. Not because they don’t want to, but because they are simply too busy. Let us take care of updates and new content creation for you with a monthly maintenance contract.